2nd Post

This is a little story I'm working on.
It's not finished and it doesn't have a tittle. Also because it's not finished I can't post the whole thing only little parts and pieces at a time, but please still enjoy.

Penelope walked into a ballroom with a champion glass in her hand.Ryan walks pass her with his hands in his pockets. George walks down the grand steps with a smirk on his face.
Lauren and Stephen stand by each other with their arms locked together, while standing in front of a older couple.
Upstairs Lydia is sleeping in a bed.
Ethan grabs Areum wrist and storms across the ballroom, shoving themselves through the crowd.
Sebastian sits on the dirty steps with his suite half button holding a box of cigarettes in his hand.
"Happy New Year!"
Everyone in the ballroom yells with excitement.
(At the same time)
Sophia Charlotte wears a beautiful red ball gown as she lays in a clawfoot tub dead.

 4weeks later
FoxBunnyCountry Office
Penelope sits in a Tiffany Co. Themed office, behind her desk.
She types away in silence in the dark massive room.
Penelope than sighs flops back in a leather grand chair in relief.
As Penelope sits back in her chair she looks around the office.
Books on top of books stand in their shelves. The Tiffany blue pillows lay on the matching white leather sofas in peace as the glass table sits between and the portrait of Sophia Charlotte's sits on the wall.
Penelope gets up from the desk and walks over to the portrait with a pain and a serious way.
"I can't feel sorry for you, for me and you both know the truth behind behind your actions." Penelope says to the portrait.
Penelope smiles and then walks over and grabs her long trench coat and her large boxy handbag, that has the label-FoxBunnyCountry- stamped on the front, from the sofa.
While walking out the doors Penelope turns her head and looks at the dark office with only an computer to light up nothing much but a grand chair.
Penelope shuts the door and walks down the bright long but narrow hall.
"See ya at home Ang?" Penelope says to the lady behind the front desk.
"Of course, Ma'am." Ang replies slowly as she watched Penelope walks out of the front door.
"Don't look back, Don't look back, Don't look back"
Those were the word I kept saying to myself in the cold night as each heel of mine took a step father from her beloved office.
February 5th
The day Sophia Charlotte's office burned to the ground.
6 months before Sophia Charlotte's death.
~That's all I have for right now.  Please check out fbcstorystudio.blogspot.com
for more.
- Love FoxBunny


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