7th Post

So it's now 11:21pm. I'm just like every other teenager. I go to bed late and wake up early. Uhm, probably not so much the waking up early part. Maybe just on school nights. Anyways, I still have to do my chores and try this new face mask I got from one of my favorite stores (A.K.A Forever21). I bought 9 different types of masks when I went there last Saturday. I bought 5 love&beauty(s). One papayas purifying dead sea mud mask and the other is a coconut ultra hydrating shea butter mask. A tea tree oil sheet mask, cucumber sheet mask(for sensitive skin), aloe vera sheet mask(for dry skin). I also bought two 2 step mask treatments. One is a age regenerating multi-step treatment(There's a snail on the packet so it made me really want to buy it.), and the other is a Pore Care Mask. I'm not sure what my other 3 masks are for. I know that sounds wired but the reason is because 90% of the packets are written in Korean. The only things that are written in English is the directions, list of things to be caution of, and the ingredients.
For tonight I'll be trying the tea tree oil sheet mask(after I do my chores. Joy, right?).
I probably won't get to be till 12:30am. 1 at the latest.
Let's see how my day goes tomorrow with only 4-5 1/2 hours of sleep.
Luv, FoxBunny


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