6th Post

So today I bought something I really wanted to try for a very longtime, and that is a squeezable!
I really wanted to try one of these things because they look really cool(at least to me they do). I tried the Parent's Choice Squeezable Fruit&Yogurt. The Strawberry& Yogurt flavor, and let me tell you those things are not just for toddlers. I was really impressed on how good they were. It tasted exactly what the flavor said it was suppose to be! I also really liked how there was a re-closable cap. I thought that was really neat and convenient.
As for the price, it was super cheap. I(My mom) paid a $1.25(plus tax). To me Squeezables are a good, cheap and convenient snack when on the go. No matter the age(I'm saying no matter the age because I'm 16).
And to answer your question, Yes. I was eating a Squeezable Fruit&Yogurt when I was writing this.
Till next time
-Luv, FoxBunny


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