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What's In My Beach Bag?
Lets take a look.
4.Vitamin E Oil (Vitamin E oil helps with [sun]burns)
5.Oil Absorbing Sheets
6. Anti-perspirant or Deodorant(I have Degree's Motion Sense Dry Spray. A 48hr anti-perspiration)
7. Lotion( I have Jergens' Wet Skin Moisturizer. I highly recommend it. It's perfect for a day at the beach, a day at a theme park or just a day where you are in the sun a lot. When you put it on it's really light.)
9.Hair Tie(s)
10. Bobby Pin(s)
11. Wallet(a wallet should have little cash in it. Even though you are more than likely would have a card, you never know what might happen, and you would need cash.)
12.Nail Clipper
13. 1st Aid-Kit
14. Pain Killers (Totally optional)
15. Hand Sanitazer
16. Pads,Tampons or Panty liner
18.Phone & (portable) Charger
20.Gum, Mints, Candy, etc
21.Water bottle
23.Flip flop(or other easy slip on shoes)
25.Safety Pens
Ready for the beach!

All of this stuff would really be in my purse, if my purse was big enough(besides the swimsuit and towel of course). I carry around more than half of this stuff in my bag/purse already.
All of the numbers in red are total must, must, MUST haves. If you are not going to have anything else have those items. Let me know what's in your beach bag! And what your MUST haves are. Is my bag missing something? Let me know in the comment section.


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