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Every Girl Must Have A (ITEM) In Her Closet!

An "every girl must have item in her closet" is a simple plain black pencil skirt.

"Why a black pencil skirt? And why does it have to be a 'plain black' pencil skirt?"
-The reason I say 'plain black' pencil skirt is because you can do more with it. What I mean by that is, since it's a plain(no design) skirt it makes it easier to match things up with. That's also the same reason why I say 'black' because black goes with everything, and makes it easier to match your items together.

 "How do you wear a black pencil skirt?"
Honestly it all depends.
A black pencil can be dressed up or down depending on the material. For now lets use polyester spandex material as the example.
Pair the pencil skirt with a cropped top, Adidas hoodie and a pair of Converse. If you do that you have a chic sporty look.
Now match the skirt with a loose fuchsia blouse and a striped blazer with a mild floral print design, and a pair of killer heels to match the fuchsia blouse. With that, this collaboration says 'No matter what you say or think, I'm killing it.'.
And a look that's just for kickin' it with my friend, just pick up your favorite over sized graphic tee tuck it in and anklet ballet slippers.

Here are 2 questions that will help determinate how you should wear your pencil skirt.
1.When do you plan on wearing the skirt?
  -Are you going to wear the skirt to a special occasion?  Brunch with your friends?  A day at the office?  Everyday errands?  What's the event?
2.What's the weather going to be like?
   - That way you can determinate if you should wear leggings, etc or not.

After you ask yourself those questions it's rather easy to put your outfit together.

Hope you guys have fun with your pencil skirts! Please start following and comment below.



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