24th Post

If only I knew how to swim!!!!
I love swimming. By the way by my definition of "swimming" is going into the pool, trying to float around and catch up with all of my friends that can actually swim.
 Even though I can't swim, I find it really fun and relaxing to be in the water, but after hours in the water, I become really tired. I also find myself wanting to curl up and go to bed soon after I get out. Unfortunately, there's not a pool at my place, so I have to go else where to go swimming.
Until I'm able to go home to put my pj's on and crawl into bed, I have to wear other clothing.
What I like to wear when I'm out of the pool, is a simple loose skirt, an oversized graphic tee, and
some plain black tennis shoes. I like to tie my shirt into a little knot in the front or on the right side, to give it some form of style.
Once I get home, I like to take a shower to get off all of the germs and chemicals. What I like to use is Dove's gentle exfoliating nourishing body wash.When I get out I moisturize with lotion and a little of vitamin  E oil. As for my hair, I would rinse it really good before going to bed, and wash it once or twice when I wake up.
Swimming can be super fun but also very dangerous. Please be safe around pools, and always follow the rules they set. Also drink plenty of water, and use sunscreen.
Hope you guys have fun at the pool! Please start following and comment below.


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