27th Post

2016 Summer Trends(May-August):
  • Striped Shirts
  • Off the Shoulder Tops
  •  Rounded Sunglasses
  • Chokers
  • LED Shoes
  • Lace Up Shoes
  • Bralets
  • Bomber Jackets
  • Platform Shoes 
  • Peel of make up
  • Off the Shoulder Dresses
  • Body Suits
  • Baseball caps
  • Space buns/ hair knots
  • Sporty Clothing  
  • Backpacks
  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Faux Pom-Pom Key Chain
  • Cat Ear Glasses
  • Cat Ear bags
  • Square Sunglasses 
  • Overalls (slowly coming back)
These are the main trending items I saw this pass summer in the fashion world and etc.. Let me know if you saw any other trending items. Did you buy any of these items? How did you wear it?  And on a scale 1-10 much do you like this item? Let me know 😉

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*Also a quick shout-out to the views I got from the Philippines. Thank you for the support! 😘


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