BTS #1

BTS = Behind the scene of FoxBunnyCountry. Not Bangton Boys, sorry 🙏
A little view of my life 👇
               👉BTS #1= The college hunt.👈
I'm a Junior in high school and it's around that time in my life where I need to start looking for a place to further my education, AKA:
I've been told many times before that it is best to start looking early, and that way you can get the help that you need.👍
I'm no stranger to visiting colleges. I've been doing it since 10th grade, but, so far, none of the colleges that I've visited have had everything that I was looking for.😥

→What I'm looking for in a College←:
•Welcoming arms 👐
Good financial aid 💰
•(Clothing) Design Courses👗

But.... this last college visit that I had was totally different.🎊
Not only did this college have what I'm looking for, but, unlike the other colleges, they were really hands on and they were open and ready for my questions. This one just felt different.💖
The day that I visited the university was a day that they welcomed kids from all over.
When we first arrived they reimbursed us for parking, and they welcomed us with goodies and food.🍩
After that, we had a meeting with club captains. Then, we all sat down for a seminar that explained qualifications, and how to receive financial aid if needed. 💸
The dead lines are a lot sooner than I planned, unfortunately.😱
After the seminar the students were broken off into groups to explore the educational fields that they wished to study in.📚
Sadly, I went to the wrong one.😅
I was finally directed to the right class after lunch, (did I mention they fed us!?😻)
After the final group activity, which was optional, the students were free to pick and choose which classes to take. I liked that a lot because it didn't make me feel pressured to do anything I didn't want to.
At the end of the day I would give the overall experience 5/5 stars ★★★★★,because the trip was fun, informative, and the food was good, but mainly because before visiting the campus I was very nervous about attending this college, but now I feel ready😄

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