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App review!!!!:

Today I am going to be doing an app review on an app called, Tide: Stay focused, Stay peaceful.

Recently I got a new phone, and with new phone comes downloading new apps 😀❤.
Tide was just one of the apps that I downloaded, but it is by far my favorite. Tide is a focus timer that plays white noises and pomodoro. Pomodoro is a time management method that uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length separated by short breaks.I've been using this app for a little over a month now, and I usually tend to use it about once a day, every day.The timer is a great tool for relaxation and meditation, but I find that it is most effective for me when I am trying to sleep 💤(It usually take me FOREVER to fall asleep 😭)Using this app really helps to relax my mind so that I am able to go to sleep.

I would give this app 5/5 stars:
Star #1 would be for all of the wonderful quotesEveryday the app provides a quotes when you first open the app 💭
Star #2 would have to be for the beautiful designThe app has such a simple design which makes it beautiful and simply lovely to look at😻
Stay #3 is for how easy and user friendly the app isThe beautiful design makes it feel really easy to use without making me feel overwhelmed or confused✨
Star #4 is for how the music continues to play even after you exit out of the app, and to don't even have to worry about it using up too much of your battery👍
And last but not least is Star #5: It's free!!!! (I like free😁)🙌
So go ahead and check it out for yourself ➡You can find it under the health and fitness app section 😘
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